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So, you are ready with your domain and now looking forward to an outstanding domain name suggestion that will help in your SEO purpose, as well. People are sometimes confused as to their domain name suggestions; whereas others have few misunderstandings in search domain names.

Domain Name Suggestion – Tips to Select the Correct Domain Name

Below given are some valuable tips to find the domain name for your site that will be SEO-friendly.

  • Yahoo that is regarded as the master directory puts forward the sites in an alphabetical manner, on the basis of the title submitted. The title here has to be the official site name. This indicates that sites that begin with no. 1 will be put in the topmost category.
  • You can have domain names beginning with the no. 1 since directories categorize the sites on the basis of how better they are, reverse chronological order considering the dates of submission or in chronological order. The other way in which the sites are categorized includes alphabetic sequential order, so you can also give your domain names on the basis of this rule.
  • If in any case, you decide to give a domain name that begins with no. 1, then it is recommended to include the alphabet i as well in it to redirect the people to the domain that holds no. 1 and vice versa.
  • Register your domain with some renowned keywords suitable for the firm it belongs to.
  • The domain name should not be very long.
  • It should be easy to remember and spell. It is better to have domain names with .com or .net; since users are familiar with it. it makes your domain visible easily.

These were some of the domain names suggestion that will aid you in selecting the appropriate domain name for your site.

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