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5 Key Questions website is committed to a great user experience. To ensure this we have defined certain posting guidelines that all users are required to follow if they wish to share their content on the 5 Key Questions website.

Guidelines for submissions:

How to Write a Topic/Question?

The 5 Key Questions require the use of correct spelling, punctuation, grammar and capitalization in the questions. A question must contain a complete sentence and end in a question mark.

  • The topic should be a question. Questions should be written as simply as possible.
  • Questions should be free from spelling, grammatical and other writing errors.
  • Ideally, the topic should be between 50 and 70 characters. Keep your topic short and simple.
  • Choose the category relevant to your question. Add keywords or tags to your topic before submitting.
  • Avoid duplicate topics. Before suggesting a topic please check our website to see if it is already listed using the search bar. We do not allow repeating questions or topics.

How to write content?

The 5 Key Questions for Each Questions page aims to be a useful resource for people with similar or relevant questions. The content should make the page more useful for users interested in questions or topics.

  • Ideally, the content should be between 500 and 1000 words.
  • Explain things in simple, easy-to-understand language.
  • Please check spelling and grammar before posting.
  • We have a zero-spam policy. Such content is removed and the profile is suspended.
  • We only allow one link in content containing only relevant links.


General Rules

What we allow

  • Questions or topics that are genuine.
  • Contents that are helpful and interesting.

What we don’t allow

  • Anything that is immoral and does not reflect our values such as promoting gambling, theft, racism, drugs, weapons, porn, etc.
  • Copy-paste ambiguous or repeated contents.
  • Adding links to the content of no relevance.
  • Submission of false information.


Tips for writing quality content


  • Define your content with a catchy headline.
  • Boring headlines almost never get clicked, even if they reach the top ranks.
  • Scratch your head and come up with a liner that defines the essence of your content and it will get better.


  • Divide your content into paragraphs, each with a unique heading and explanation.
  • Start with the topic itself – explain what it is and how it will help.
  • Share your enthusiasm in words and present some spicy facts to attract the audience and motivate them to read further.
  • Keep your content short, crisp and to the point.
  • 500 words are almost fine. If your content is about product reviews and comparisons make sure it sounds honest and without bias.


  • Relevance is everything, so post links where your audience can find out more if they want.
  • You can add links to your website, product page, another webpage, an article on Wikipedia, reference websites, etc. Make sure it works before you publish your content.
  • You can add links to your product pages, website, reference websites, etc. Make sure it works before publishing your content.


  • The right images will not only boost your content ratings but will also keep your readers more interested.
  • so do your research and find royalty-free images that make an impact on your presentation.


If you are a content writer then this is an opportunity to develop your writing skills and improve yourself.