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A resume is a brief summary of your skills and experiences related to the field of job you are incoming. It emphasizes your accomplishments to confirm a probable interviewer that you are eligible for the job you crave. How to make a resume effective? It is the big quest of every candidate these days.

Different Resume Types

Basically, there are 3 resume types: Chronological, Functional, and Combined resume. One can use the specific resume type that is most appropriate for them.

Chronological Resume

It is the more conventional form of a resume. The experience segment is the main spotlight of the resume; all jobs are described with few details. There is no key segment of accomplishments or skills at the start of the resume. This type is mainly used while you are continuing in the same profession; work, mainly in very traditional fields. It is as well used in some specific fields, for example, academia and law. It is suggested that this resume always includes a “Summary” or “Objective” to focus the interviewer.


  • It might appeal to older or more traditional interviewers.
  • It creates easier to recognize the types of job you have done.


  • It is very much complicated to underline your best work.
  • This type is rarely suitable for one who wants to change the career.

Functional Resume

It highlights your key accomplishments and skills from the starting point. It aids the employer in spot visibly what you can accomplish for them, despite reading all the job descriptions to note. It aids to mark the resume in an innovative field or direction, through lifting up from all previous jobs, the main qualifications, and skills to show that you will be winning in this novel direction. Real company names and job positions are in a second part without any description.

There are various different kinds of functional resume formats. It is compulsory for career-changing persons. It is very suitable for generalists, for military officers, for students, for divergent or spotty careers, for wide-ranging of skills in their specified profession, for homemakers recurring to the job marketplace.


  • It will aid you in attaining new goals.
  • It is highly recommended as its very effective resume type.


  • It is tough for the boss to discern exactly the types of job you did that might be a difficulty for traditional interviewers.

Combined Resume

It includes both elements of chronological and functional types to give a total professional resume look. It might be a typical functional resume along with the accomplishments following headings of diverse jobs detained.


  • It maximizes the benefits of both resume types, avoiding possible negative consequences of each type.


  • It can be a lengthy resume and repetitious.

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