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The health of a baby is very important after the birth of the baby. It is the responsibility of a mother to take the proper care of her baby. There are many health problems faced by babies. These problems can be dealt with easily at home by following the right baby health care tips given here.

But if the condition is very difficult and can not be treated at home, it is suggested to consult with the doctor first. It is a challenging task to take care of newborn babies.

Given here tips will surely guide a mother how to take proper care of the baby by knowing common causes for swaddling methods, nighttime feeding, babies to cry and when babies want water.

A few common health-related problems, a baby can face are infancy problems, skin conditions and sleeping problems. Other problems that can occur are vomiting because of abdominal infection, viral inflectional, cold and cough. Such health issues can be easily solved with right and regular care.

It is very essential for mom to follow a few basic guidelines to make sure the good health of the baby. To make baby healthy and free from health issues, it is important to follow the below-given baby health care tips.

  • Once you fix schedules for babies, it is important that you should stick to that schedule. Following schedules on a regular basis will make your baby in the best possible mood and keep him or her healthy.
  • Try to give breast milk only to your baby minimum for four months. Breast milk is good for the health of a baby hence mom should not stop giving breast milk. Breast milk is good for the baby in terms of health and development of the baby.
  • Never try to put oil in the ears and nose of your baby. Doing this causes an injury and infection too. Causing injury and infection in such a small age can worsen the health of the baby and can create many other problems.
  • Try to carry ready to use baby foods while traveling. It is another most important baby health care tip to follow. Never save half-finished formulas for the next feeding of your baby as it can create health issues.
  • Opt for cotton clothes. It is another useful tip to follow to avoid different skin allergies. Try to choose cotton clothes for your baby. For preventing heat loss, it is suggested to keep your babies warm and dry.
  • Take care of sleeping positions of your baby: Try to make sleep your baby in a safe position as it prevents SIDS. For many parents positioning baby for sleep is difficult. SIDS is the main cause of death of infants. Nobody knows the exact cause of SIDS. It is strongly suggested to make your baby sleep on the back. If your baby shifts the position to stomach at night then you should roll the infant to the back. If you are getting a problem in doing that again and again then the best option is to purchase baby sleep positions through which you can keep your baby in pone place.
  • If you observe that your baby is very restless at night then sees whether the room is very warm or stuffy. Soft pants and a short shirt are fine for your baby. Never try to swaddle him or her in layers for bed. Keep the temperature of the room balanced and that is comfortable for the baby.

By following the above-given tips, mom can properly take care of the health of the baby. It is very essential to take the right care of the baby.

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