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As per a press release by Oracle on July 23rd, 2009, Oracle had acquired Goldengate software Inc, a leading technology solution company known for the best real-time data integration software available in the market.

If we talk about GoldenGate specifically, it has two core technologies i.e. heterogeneous data replication and changes data capture. According to experts, the reason why Oracle what GoldenGate is because of its ability to enable zero downtime migration and upgrades. If you are considering Oracle GoldenGate for zero downtime Migration, here is an overview of a few essential features you might need to know:


Heterogeneous Migration:

GoldenGate is an application to replicate data from one database to another database. The specialty of GoldenGate is that it can replicate data among multiple heterogeneous platforms across enterprises.

Oracle GoldenGate is an operating system independent and can run on any RDBMS version of a database, be it IBM or Oracle database or my SQL database and so on.


Application of Oracle GoldenGate Migration:

Oracle GoldenGate enables the exchange and manipulation of data at a transactional level and is considered highly reliable for enabling high availability solutions, transactional data integration and exchange, live reporting, business intelligence, and heterogenous migrations.


Zero Downtime:

GoldenGate uses real-time replication technology from Oracle. That means it replicates data between different databases within a few seconds.

Oracle GoldenGate migrates databases as the data synchronization method between old and new systems.

Besides many advantages, sometimes a little extra administrative effort can be required in a few cases to manage and maintain the Oracle GoldenGate environment effectively.

This was a brief overview of migration through Oracle GoldenGate. If you are considering migrating from Oracle GoldenGate, choose the right technology partner to help you with the right strategies for the migration process with continuous support and maintenance services. Keep reading this blog for further information about Oracle GoldenGate or if you have any questions, comment below to get in touch with our expert team.


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