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Data is valuable for business insights and hence, essential for companies to grow and prosper at present. There are probably several types of databases in a company’s spectrum. To store, manage and organise data in an efficient manner has become a necessity for companies.

But, have you ever wondered why migrating to Amazon RDS with Database Migration Service is so popular in the technology industry?

Amazon Relational Database Service, also known as AWS RDS is a cloud computing solution from Amazon Web Services that aims to facilitate the setting up, deploying, and scaling of a database.

AWS RDS offers a variety of tools and services that can assist you in safely moving, storing, and analysing your data if you decide to repost your database. You won’t ever have to compromise on workflow, efficiency, or capacity if you decide to move to an AWS relational database service. The reason is, that AWS provides a wide range of benefits. Hence it is gaining popularity amongst top-notch companies globally.


Benefits of using AWS RDS for companies

  • Your databases are automatically backed up by Amazon RDS every day by default.
  • Along with Amazon’s own platform, RDS supports the five most widely used database systems on the market: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, MariaDB, and Oracle.
  • Performance improvements for read-only sessions may be obtained by placing read replicas in zones that are closer to your users. Read replicas also provide a straightforward DR solution with a reduced RPO.
  • By using parameter groups, a user may apply a set of configurations to several RDS instances without having to perform any actual work or handle it manually.
  • RDS keeps track of itself, can spot irregularities, and will automatically make changes to go back to normal.



Businesses of all sizes have understood the advantages of the AWS RDS, and it has now become the new norm. Companies that have switched to AWS RDS have seen a significant decrease in operational costs, an increase in the output of their IT employees, and a reduction in downtime.

The most effective database migration plan enables you to utilise the AWS Cloud fully. You must do this by converting your applications to use specialised, cloud-native databases. You shouldn’t restrict yourself to using the same dated database you have been using locally. Instead, think about updating your apps, and select the databases that best support the workflow needs of your applications.

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