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The Dubai Desert Safari features among the most popular and amazing experiences that you can indulge in the UAE. There are numerous indulgences like desert wildlife, dune bashing, mesmerizing sunsets, scrumptious dinner, and plenty of entertainment loaded in the Desert Safari. In addition, the desert expedition provides a deeper insight into the Bedouin life and the cultures that were prominent before the tourist era in modern Dubai. We bring you some of the top reasons why the Desert Safari Dubai should be on your travel bucket list.


Personalizing your adventure

With the Desert Safari in Dubai, visitors and tourists can personalize their adventure experiences before purchasing a package. The optional activities offered are sandboarding, dune bashing, quad biking, dune bugging, falconry, and camel riding. Every adventure has its own story and brings about its challenges and entertainment. So naturally, your package cost would vary depending on the indulgences you have opted for in your Desert Safari.

Serene compulsive Desert Landscape

The great Arabian desert possesses a dream landscape that makes it picture-ready always, and it is amazing to capture these moments as part of your memory block. Some of the moments you should capture are the gorgeous sunrise & sunset, falconry, camel riding, and dressing in Arabic attire. Even while your desert expedition, the vehicle leaves a beautiful silken trail behind as it tries to navigate through the desert landscape. It’s high time you get to change your Instagram story and profile picture.

A platform featuring complete madness

Well! Undoubtedly, the Dubai Desert Safari is one of the most sought-after Dubai experiences. The primary reason for this is the indulgences at the desert camp. Indulge in Adventurous activities like camel riding, quad biking, sandboarding, fun activities like applying henna, Emirati attire photography, and falconry to entertainment activities like belly dance, Tanura dance, and folk fire dance performances. Something is matching all tastes across all age groups. You will not be a second bored being at the desert camp as there is so much to explore.

Best of the rich Arabian cultural heritage

The desert camp offers an amazing insight into the hospitality and cultural heritage of the Emirati lifestyle. The customs, traditions, and ambience resemble the traditional Bedouin lifestyle prominent before the tourism era. Enjoy the colourful and entertaining elements that were the core of the Emirati culture. In addition, the traditional Tanura dance and the belly dance performances indicate the mastery of their elements. Every activity you indulge in at the Dubai Desert Safari has been designed to cater to a global audience. You can also use this tour to celebrate a special occasion like your birthday or anniversary.

Delightful Barbecue buffet

Well! A highlight of the Desert Safari in Dubai. Unique spices are mixed with meat in a unique fusion to create yummy barbecue delicacies. Savour local delicacies like the shawarma, kebabs, arugula, ghanoush salads, roasted meat shallots, etc. Enjoy the scrumptious barbecue dinner treats with some traditional Arabic coffee and sweets, or settle down with a sheesha to allow your digestive juices to kick in after a heavy meal. If the barbecue dinner was filling, then the offers’ deserts will surely tantalize your taste buds. There is an incredible variety of desserts and soups to allow your meals to settle down. An amazingly relaxing experience that is unique from your daily busy city life.

Mesmerizing and serene sunset

Beyond the magic land of the Dubai Desert, the sun goes down and leaves an orangish/golden hue colour transformation on the sand. The sight is mesmerizing and will go down your memory blocks as one of the unforgettable moments in your entire lifetime. Get a camera along to capture these moments so you can cherish them for a long time. The sun never forgets to leave a lasting impression on the golden dunes during your Desert Safari adventure, irrespective of whether it is morning, evening, or an overnight Desert Safari.

Discover the rare desert wildlife

The Desert Safari in Dubai offers a great opportunity to introspect the amazing wildlife that has made the grand Arabian Desert their home. Get to witness these amazing animals in their natural habitat as you move through the desert landscape. The Dubai Desert Safari officially passes through the Dubai Wildlife Conservation Area, making the ride even more interesting. The most observed animals are African wild dogs, Arabian oryx, hyena, Meerkat, Dromedary, Dik-dik, owls, falcons, and several other diverse bird species. So keep your exploration hat on as you move through one of the most treasured wildlife preserves.

Amazing click moments

The Desert Safari in Dubai is an amazing paradise for photographers. There are amazing vistas on display, and you will find it hard to stop as the beautiful terrain offers plenty of opportunities to discard your previous versions. Every stopover brings its unique picturesque spots for capturing these special moments. Capture every milestone of your Desert Safari and share the same with your family and friends while narrating the amazing story of your adventure.

Quick transportation modes

Most Desert Safari Dubai packages offer a pickup and drop back to your hotel or any other place of your convenience right after your desert expedition ends. The transportation means would be a bus or a 4×4 terrain vehicle like the land cruiser or the hummer. On the other hand, the luxury Desert Safari packages offer private pick up and drop back in a chauffeur-driven air-conditioned vehicle. So, all you must do is book a Dubai Desert Safari, and the remaining is taken care of by the tour agency. Witnessing the drive to the site through the window seat is another delightful sight during your journey.


Your Dubai holiday is incomplete without exploring the enchanting Dubai Desert Safari. The exciting activities, serene landscape, and picturesque views will leave a long hangover for years among your captivating and impressive experiences. The Desert Safari Dubai continues to woo the audience even today after many modern indulgences. It just shows how this age-old experience has stood the test of time.


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